Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Towards a new classification system for legumes: Progress report from the 6th International Legume Conference

The Legume Phylogeny Working Group
This paper was compiled by 
L. Borges a, A. Bruneaub, D. Cardoso, M. Crispd, A. Delgado-Salinas e, J.J. Doyle f, A. Egang, P.S. Herendeenh, C. Hughes i, G. Kenicer j, B. Klitgaardk, E. Koeneni, M. Lavin, G. Lewis k, M. Luckowf
, B. Mackinder j,k, V. Malécot m, J.T. Miller n, R.T. Pennington, L.P. de Queiroz, B. Schrire k,
M.F. Simono, K. Steele, B. Torke, J.J. Wieringa, M.F. Wojciechowski , who were equally responsible and listed here in alphabetical order only, with additional contributions from, S. Boatwrightt , M. de la Estrella, V. de Freitas Mansano, D.E. Prado w, C. Stirtonx , M. Winky

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